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Statement from Dr Gupta

Regular groups are really good publicity and hopefully will get more people involved with BIG.

1. The health system is for the patients; this sounds common sense, but this is forgotten almost everyday when patients come to the health system. We have to learn to hear patient’s experinces within the health system and then act on them-both stages are absolutely vital if we want our NHS to be world-class. BIG is a good opportunity to start doing this within mental health services and therefore I have decided to get involved with BIG.
2. By listening to our service users, we will be able to adapt our services to suit their needs better. This will be beneficial to all parties concerned-patients, carers, health services, society.
Regards Dr Gupta
Statement from consultant Dr Fernando
1. As a department we feel it is important to hear the patients voice, their thoughts on their experiences and how we can work together to improve the service so at the points of need, it is flexible and more responsive. This is critical in developing a system that is both humane and efficient and I strongly believe the two can go together. We also would like to teach but most importantly learn from yourselves, because service user experience (in life, dealing with their condition and from using the services on offer) offers them insights that would be instructive and educational to all staff who work in providing a service.
2. I think the benefits would be to the service (more responsive, timely and smoother interactions, with more knowledgeable staff) and to patients who will be more informed about their condition, the available options to them in different circumstances, as well as further service developement. I do feel as a group BIG has a lot to offer mental health services in Bury. Thank you for inviting us to take part.
Members of the Commitee of BIG would like to sincerely thank the Consultant Psychiatrists from Fairfield Hospital who attend “BIG in Recovery”. We are especially grateful as the input they provide is on a voluntary basis in their own time.